Hellraiser: Deader - Winter's Lament


December 1, 2009 - Josh Samford, ROGUE CINEMA, July 2010:

:"Director Jonathan S. Kui shows great talent in establishing an atmosphere very similar to that of the Hellraiser series while working with a budget that could only be compared in sixteenths to even the cheapest foray into that series. The filmmaker shows that he has the visual eye for direction and obviously has a great love for the material at hand as he mixes and blends both the mythology gathered by the Hellraiser series and the Christopher Walken series The Prophecy.

The mix of these two series (Prophecy and Hellraiser) and the well developed story makes Winter's Lament a pretty addictive little watch. Whether you are familiar with the series or not (I do not believe I have seen Hellraiser: Deader yet), due to the brief but fact filled introduction that catches us up to speed on both series, the rest of the film is relatively easy to keep up with. What I enjoyed most about the production would be the visual aesthetic, as they were able to capture some very gothic and dark visuals despite a non-existent budget. Some of the performances are wooden, as one would expect from a cast of mostly non-actors, but the level of professionalism actually remains quite surprising. I would really like to see what this cast and crew could do with a feature length original story, as it could open up some very creative doors for them. "
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December 1, 2009 - Monika DeLeeuw-Taylor, MICROFILMMAKER MAGAZINE, Issue 49:
Perhaps the most gratifying part of doing this critique, however, is seeing how much progress has already been made on this second film compared to the first. Iím very impressed with such signs of improvement and, given the ending of this film, have hopes for a continuation..."
(See the complete critique here:
http://www.microfilmmakermagazine.com/critiques/Issue49/Hellraiser1.html )

November 13, 2009 - Timothy Day, screenwriter, HELLRAISER: DEADER (2005):
Just finished watching Winter's Lament and I think [the cast and crew have] done a fantastic job.

Usually I don't go for "origin tales" in sequels or re-boots... What makes a good horror movie is what's in the shadows and that's where our villain's past should stay -- in the shadows... Here it works though because you don't throw away the Winter story that we already know for your own version, you build on what exists and add to it.

Sometimes the jumping around in years pulled me out of the story but overall structurally the film works well... I think I would have liked to see a little stronger moment near the end when he decides to become "Winter" and start their lives over...

Winter being a Professor is an interesting idea... I always saw Winter's attempt to control the box was more of a "power-grab" on his
part, his desire to be in control of others, while not fully understanding what he was getting into. The idea of him having the ego of a professor makes sense and I think for that it's a good choice but I wonder if his age... makes sense now. The years it takes to become a professor and how long he's been doing it -- I would think he'd be older.

Technically the film looks pretty good. Some scenes a little dark and mushy but that may be in the transfer... For the budget, which i"m assuming was small, the film is a great achievement... Cool story, well written and directed... Production value is impressive, costumes, makeup, effects all work."