Hellraiser: Deader - Winter's Lament
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October 1, 2010 - The DVD files are set to become available online this weekend through BitTorrent. As with the HELLRAISER: PROPHECY DVD before it, the HRDWL DVD will be available via three options.

The first option, which is absolutely free, is to download the files via BitTorrent and burn them to a blank DVD.

The second option, which incurs a bit of work and cost on your part, will be to send me a blank DVD and self-addressed, stamped envelope (stamped with sufficient postage) and I'll send it back with the DVD files burned to it, as well as with artwork.

The third option is to donate $10 to maintain the site, ($15 for non-US visitors.) In thanks, I will send out a DVD with case, label and artwork as shown in the picture in the previous post..

Cast/crew/producers: As some of you may be aware, I AM sending out/delivering DVDs to all of you. It's going far more slowly than I would have preferred, mainly due to life issues (work, family etc.) but they are trickling out. If you're in the credits and waiting for a DVD, rest assured it IS coming, just a bit more slowly than I had planned. Again, to emphasize: if you are in the credits, you DO NOT need to download the DVD files. A DVD is coming to you, it just might take a week or three.

For more information on the various options, please visit the DVD link in the menu above.

August 29, 2010 - First off, I know I'm late with screencaps of the DVD. There's been a lot going on.

Alright, the first bit of news is that we won't be at a booth at HorrorFind Weekend, unfortunately. I had to cancel our table (seven days before the convention) much to my disappointment and chagrin. It's a missed opportunity that I deeply regret, and I hope that there will be another opportunity (and funding) for another attempt in the future. That's all I'm going to say about that for now.

Next, DVDs. With HorrorFind's Dealers Room tragically no longer in my future, I do have about 60 HRDWL DVDs (and ~30 new HRP DVDs as well) ready to go. With that obligation obviated, most of these will now go to the cast and crew, but that could take a while. I'll be contacting the cast and crew for addresses soon. If I can deliver most of these in person, I'll try. I'd certain like to thank everyone involved in person, if possible.

That being said, the DVD should be uploaded to BitTorrent on October 3rd, probably through Azureus Vuze again. (That's the next itme that I anticipate having access to a stable enough connection to upload ~4GB without interruption.) If I get an earlier opportunity, I'll upload it sooner and put the link up here in the news.

I've been asked by a number of people whether I'll still be sending out copies with full artwork for those who make a donation. Yes indeed, I will. But I won't be doing that until the DVD files are available through BitTorrent, so that people will have a free option at all times.

The DVD page will be updated soon. In the meantime, here's a quick list of DVD features:

  • * Animated menus

  • * Additional scenes (deleted/screener version/alternate)
    * Clive Barker clip (book signing in NYC)

  • * Commentary tracks (story commentary, production commentary)
    * Gallery
    * Outtakes
    * Screening History
    * Story Timeline (in lieu of the video "Intro" clip that's available online.)
    * Subtitles (English, Spanish, French, Italian)
    * Trailers (HRP, HRDWL, DTO, HC: Lifebringer)

August 8
, 2010 - HRDWL won BEST FAN FILM at the 2010 Fright Night Film Festival in Lexington, KY last weekend!

 I'm afraid that I'll have to keep this short right now, but I assure you that there will be a lengthier update this week, with pictures. A couple of quick pieces of news in the meantime.

1) The DVD itself is done, as of this afternoon. It's been several days of troubleshooting small items (
menu button transparencies and color palette, menu audio looping, etc.) but after some reasonably thorough testing, I'm satisfied that it's done.

2) The DVD artwork is NOT done. Rather, it's up next. I need to get it done by tomorrow night, to get it printed on Tuesday, so that means that DVDs will be coming soon.

3) DVD distribution to cast/crew will is coming up, but keep in mind that it will take a while to get everyone, because I'm duplicating these on my home PC, one at a time, and right now my bigger concern is having sufficient DVDs for the beginning of September, because...

4) I'll be running a booth at Horrorfind Weekend in Gettysburg, PA (possibly with d.p. John Hudak, actress Meagan Moir and/or p.a. Erin Coughlin) on Labor Day Weekend. We'll be handing out free DVDs there (because I can't charge for them). Case/artwork or sleeves will also be available for a nominal donation.

The full specs on the DVD, and menu screencaps, will be in the next post later this week...

P.S. My thanks to Pete Mizzo for catching the ConCarolinas broken links... They've been updated to reflect their new site...

June 08, 2010 - HRDWL was designated the Signature Film for the Second Annual ConCarolinas Short Film Festival and won the trophy for Best Fandom. My thanks to John Mazza of ConCarolinas for his support and for helping to resolve the time issue! This is an honor, absolutely, and I'm very, very grateful to ConCarolinas for their support!

More news soon... The DVD authoring is proceeding nicely...


May 18, 2010 - Again, if you haven't seen it yet:


Just a few quick updates...

1) Screenings: There will be a few screenings left this year, and a few submissions are still pending. The quick update is that we took 3rd Place Short Film at this year's HAuNTcon Amateur Horror Film Festival/Contest. As in 2006 with HRP, we made it into the top 3, which was gratifying. Many thanks to organizer Scott Morrow for his efforts!

(Entry corrected to reflect information above.) HRDWL is also an official selection of this year's ConCarolinas Short Film Festival. Mr. John Mazza adds, in a recent email, "You've got a great film; not only is it going to be the longest film in our film festival, It's going to be our showcase piece."

HRDWL is currently under consideration for Best Fan Film at this fall's
Tri-City Independent/Fan Film Festival. Many fingers are crossed over here.

2) DVD: Still authoring. Most of the primary content is there, I'm working on creating the menus right now... More updates as they come.

April 23, 2010 - Alright, so, the film has been up on YouTube for over a week now, set to private, and I've been testing its playback on YouTube. I'm happy with it, so I see no reason to delay until Tuesday night. It's ready now, so I'm changing its status to public. Have at it.


I have many thoughts about the film and its expected reception, particularly on a casual "armchair Rambo" site like YouTube, but at this point, the film will just have to stand on its own...

I'll be back with DVD updates, screening news and more, soon...

March 30, 2010 - Okay, itís been over a month and wanted to shoot out an update before people start thinking (yet again) that Iíve somehow abandoned this project.

1) YouTube Ė Late evening, APRIL 28, 2010.

This will be the version that will be found on the DVD as well. As of yesterday, the version is done. Iíll go through some of the changes between the film festival screener version and the YouTube/DVD version below. In either case, this version is done, as of yesterday. Those of you who have seen this at one of its screenings may recall the 2 minute intro that summarizes pertinent events from HR4, HR7 and HRP. My concern with this intro is that 1) YouTube would yank it, since itís footage from other films and 2) it doesnít at all summarize who Marla is or the reanimation ritual. So, my next step is to re-edit this intro as well as find a way to host it streaming on a site/method that doesnít involve YouTube.

2) Differences between the versions Ė In any venture, one of the key reasons for garnering feedback is to make a better product. In this vein, Iíve taken some of the suggestions from Microfilmmaker Magazineís review, Tim Day, d.p. John Hudak and my own observations, and have tried and make a few improvements for the ďdefinitiveĒ version. What I've essentially done is below:

Sc. 05-11: Reduced the light levels throughout these scenes back to the native levels
of the original captured footage to slightly reduce
the overexposed, noisy appearance of some of the shots.

Sc 12.: Removed the bloodstain from Ivan's shirt to avoid a continuity error with HELLRAISER: DEADER.
(Ivan doesn't get the bloodstain on his shirt until the events of HR7. This takes place before
those events.)

Sc. 32A: Used a different effect to create a series of ghosted crossfades.

Sc. 34: Ivan's bloodstain.

Sc. 40: There was a speckling problem during a crop/crossfade that was fixed.

Sc. 44: Ivan's bloodstain.

Sc. 44: Also re-edited Winter's approach to Marla into a series of crossfades.


Sc. 46: Changed the eyeblink to less of an obvious ďshutterĒ effect.
The original files for the chromakey over the footage have been lost.
(There was a hard drive that ignited. Letís not revisit that fun evening.)
As a result, this was the best I could do given the lack of source files.
And no, the entire scene is not this blurry. This is a transition effect between shots.


Sc. 48: Ivan's bloodstain.

Also, the sudden audio cut that Ms. DeLeeuw-Taylor mentioned in her review was an artistic decision (read: "bad choice") rather than an oversight, but on the urging of my d.p. (who also disliked that transition) it has been changed to something a bit more reasonable, and less sudden.

3) DVD Ė Still aiming for the end of July. More info on this when itís available. Again, this will available for free via BitTorrent and/or self-addressed stamped envelope w/ blank DVD. Those who wish to make a donation of $10 towards the maintenance of the site will also receive the DVD as thanks for your support of kuifilms.com.

4) Screenings Ė We'll be playing on Friday night, April 2nd, as part of MiniCon's Friday Film Festival.  Iíll also keep submitting the film for screenings from now through the end of the year. Keep your eye on the screening page for more information.

5) Kim Myers - I recently had the pleasure of meeting Kim Myers, the actress who originally portrayed Bobbi Merchant in HELLRAISER: BLOODLINE (1996) and spent a few minutes discussion HRDWL with her, and mentioned how much Avrill MacCuliash did honor to the character that she originated. She was very gracious, and I was glad for the opportunity.

5) Prop/costume auction Ė Once again, there will be a prop/costume auction to help defray the debt incurred from the production costs. This will likely be in late August/early September. Will update soon.

6) British fan film Ė If you havenít checked out Mark Adamsí fan film THE HELLRAISER CHRONICLES: LIFEBRINGER yet, itís out on Youtube, do check it out! Surgeon Cenobite (from HELLRAISER: HELLSEEKER) returns!

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